Hello and welcome to Brick Mayhem!

My name is Joshua, and I happily run a small LEGO business, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It keeps the lights on and puts food on my family's table.

My LEGO inventory is mostly brand new and straight out of the box, unless marked as used.

Please read my terms and conditions before you buy, and if you buy from me you are agreeing to all of my terms and conditions:

  • * I ship with Canada Post.
  • * I offer both local curbside pickup as well as shipping.
  • * There is a reasonable $1.90 fee per order for shipped orders, which covers the constant fuel surcharge increases, all of the fees, the packaging costs, the bags, and the tapes. 
  • * I pack orders carefully mostly using bubble mailers and padded envelopes to protect your pieces as well as to save on shipping costs. 
  • * I may refuse to deal with troublesome buyers at my sole discretion and I do block rude buyers.
  • For all customers located outside of North America, you can request a shipping quote from me but bear in mind that all orders must have tracking and insurance.

I seriously endevour to separate colors and variants in parts, but mistakes do happen. Light Grey and Light Bluish Grey get mistaken for one another, as do brown from red-brown. I do take note of wheel bevels, sprues in seats, pinholes and so on, but I sometimes miss details due to the volume of LEGO being inventoried and orders going out.

Due to the phenomenon of buyer feedback blackmail on sellers, I generally leave feedback after feedback has been left for me. If you cannot be bothered to leave feedback, that is fine, but please at least mark your order as Received or Completed, so that I know it has been delivered.

If you have a problem with your order once you receive it, please contact me. I will do what I can to correct the situation. Please do not communicate via feedback. If there is a problem, we'll get it sorted out.

I often begin assembling an order once I receive it or within hours of receiving it, and I endevour to have your order ready and mailed by the next morning, however, life happens and if there is any kind of delay or complication, I will notify you promptly


  • * I accept Paypal, Stripe, E-transfer, money-orders and cash.
  • * For Paypal payments, your address on Paypal must match exactly the address provided when you ordered. I cannot ship to any address other than the address attached to your Paypal account.
  • * If you want to mail cash at your own risk, I reccomend wrapping it in a sheet of paper and some tin foil and mailing it with tracking.
  • * E-transfer is available only to Canadian residents.